What does Equality Mean when it Comes to Student Learning?

“Children born into families that raise them with love and with care to see that they acquire knowledge, values and discipline that will make them valuable members of society have far more chances of economic and other success in adulthood than children raised in families that lack these qualities.

Studies show that children whose parents have professional careers speak nearly twice as many words per hour to them as children with working class parents — and several times as many words per hour as children in families on welfare. There is no way that children from these different backgrounds are going to have equal chances of economic or other success in adulthood.” -Thomas Sowell

Read the whole of “The ‘Equality’ Racket when you get a chance. I would love to know what other educators think in terms of how this argument relates to your experiences with your students.

I’m struggling and would love to have a conversation.


One thought on “What does Equality Mean when it Comes to Student Learning?

  1. Whitney Kelley January 9, 2015 at 1:51 pm Reply

    I printed and shared this article with PD today. For the most part, it was well-received, and one admin shared with another. I think it is thought-provoking as we continue to talk about differentiation and what student success really looks like. Another teacher commented on an article about research showing that differentiation isn’t working. I’d like to follow up with that and then see if there are correlations cited.


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