Professional Development

We MENTOR TEACHERS as they make the move to Readers-Writers Workshop or need more insights, ideas, and resources to ENGAGE AND EMPOWER their learners. We are trainers, yes, but teachers first. Daily, we work with students and experience the realities of the classroom — just like you!


Writers become writers by writing. Readers become readers by reading. Our workshop sessions put teachers in the seats of their students with fast-paced, strategy-packed, student-tested, highly-engaging, research-based, interactive reading and writing FUN.


Role playing conferring at Clear Creek ISD

We offer one day and multiple day workshops, and we customize trainings to meet the unique needs of districts and schools, teachers and students.  How can we help?

AmyPDLovejoyISD“This workshop was extremely beneficial. I like that you are currently teaching and giving us ideas of how you use it in your class. I want to start it all now! This was the best workshop I’ve been to in a long time.”

“This has been one of the most useful workshops I have ever attended. I really appreciate the concrete ideas and strategies. I also like your presentation style, particularly your use of modeling.”



TO SCHEDULE A WORKSHOP, or to chat about options that may help your teachers advance readers and writers, please complete this form:


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