Vocabulary Haiku for Fun Friday

Since it is poetry month, and since the same old same old with vocabulary practice–and getting students to actually use the words they know– is wearing me to the bones, today we wrote Vocabulary Haiku poems.

vocabulary haiku

I love these:

She got so very close

animosity all around

kindness seemed all lost.

~Ruben and Franky

people on the earth

aroused metamorphosis

from dirt to buildings

~ Michelle and Mian

soft leaves hanging on

and hoping to engender

one more light rustle

~Frank and Levi

faces glow like stars

your smile bows from side to side

felicity grows

~Elizabeth and Melissa

the girl felt intense

she was really mad at her mom

she used censored words

~Yohana and Diana

Oh, why, Bill Clinton?

You committed perjury.

Was she worth your time?

serving a purpose

a utilitarian

always serves its role


from a little pest

the metamorphosis has

made me a nice guy


A frown on her face


filled her cold body

~Jesse and Courtnye

church bells are ringing

consecrated passion

Love is Eternal


It’s time for a change

Time for a new look in life


~Itati and Aaron

Nature smiling bright

Felicity runs along

wild winds with bliss


~Michael and Emilio


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One thought on “Vocabulary Haiku for Fun Friday

  1. Amy R. April 14, 2014 at 10:52 am Reply

    This just makes my heart sing. I love it as a librarian, as a poetry reader, and as a parent.


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