Reel Reading: The House of the Scorpion

20130207-190708I love to watch student-made book trailers, especially when the students are not mine, and I’ve already read the book. I guess I see with a teacher’s eye:  Did the student get the gist of the book? Did she love it and want others to read it as much as I did?

I felt a thrill when I watched this trailer for Nancy Farmer’s The House of the Scorpion. The images and music parallel one another nicely, adding that touch of intrigue, which parallels the adventures in the book. The few errors in writing make me smile– my students will do that, too.

My kids will soon start creating their own book trailers. They got to choose the books they read. They get to figure out how to format and create a trailer that will get others to want to read that book. Should be interesting to see what they come up with.

I cannot wait.


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