It’s Monday. What are You Reading? Late but not forgotten

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Books I FINALLY finished this week:


The Great Gatsby

A mere five days before the movie comes out, I have finally finished the book! This is now officially my third time to read the classic story and I loved it just as much this time as I did the first two times. I’m not sure if the visual images that I had playing in my head as I read were tainted by the movie previews, but I really think the glitz and glam of this era is purely mesmerizing.

Books I am going to read this week:

Texas Library Association Conventionphoto

Empty book bag in hand, a couple of weeks ago browsed the isles of the exhibit hall at the annual Texas Library Association Convention. While there I was able to snag some great books that I am so excited about reading. Of course I won’t get all of these read this week. In fact, most of them will move on to my to read pile for the summer, but none the less a new stack of books is always invigorating to a voracious reader. I think of all of these, I will probably start with Dessen’s latest. I can always count on Dessen to provide a nice story with great characters!


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