Questions for #Poetrychat Monday, Sept 7 at 7:00 CT

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 3.48.19 PMWe are excited Aileen Hower will facilitate #poetrychat tomorrow. And we love how our PLN supports us, inspires us, and give us room to grow — we met Aileen through Twitter. Follow her @aileenhower

Here’s a list of questions for our chat Poetry:  the perfect genre for reluctant readers and writers.

Please join us!

Q1. What qualities does poetry have that make it the perfect genre of text to read with reluctant readers?
Q2. What types of poems (style of writing) would you recommend reading with these readers?
Q3. When and how to you introduce poetry effectively with your students?
Q4.What poems would you suggest to accompany which themes, that would be well received among students who were not avid readers?
Q5. How would you introduce writing poetry to reluctant writers (which styles would you highlight first)?
Q6. What have your experiences been with how reluctant writers respond to writing their own poetry?


What are you thinking?

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