Poems to Write Beside

Last evening was #poetrychat. We talked about poems that inspire writing. Here’s a list of all the poems mentioned. I wrote them in my notebook, and then I pinned them to my poetry board. Then I read and wrote a bit.

Eyes Fastened with Pins by Charles Simic

The Fall of Icarus by WC Williams

Musee des Beaux Arts by W. H Auden

This is Just to Say (a book) by Joyce Sidman

Making a Fist by Naomi Shihab Nye

Where Dreams Come From by Marge Piercy

Where I’m From by George Ella Lyon

Hailstones & Halibut Bones by Mary O’Neil (elementary)

(anything by Douglas Florian) (elementary)

Change by Charlotte Zolotow

Legacies by Nikki Giovanni

How to Live by Charles Harper Webb

A Passionate Shepherd to His Love by Christopher Marlowe

Still I Rise by Maya Angelou

(poems by Tony Medina and @SirJohnBennett and Claudia McKay)

The First Day by Joseph Green

Days by Billy Collins

Wild Geese by Mary Oliver

(other poems by Billy Collins, Christina Rosetti, and Sandra Cisneros)

For the Young Who Want To by Marge Piercy

Possibilities by Wislawa Szymborska

Those Winter Sundays by Robert Hayden

Do you have other favorites to write beside or to ask students to write beside? Please leave your suggestions in the comments.

And Happy Writing!

I plan to read and write to one poem every day this month. I find it fulfilling. Strange word, maybe, but there it is. Once I get the pen moving, I can write for hours. That’s what I need is hours of writing time.

How and what are you writing this summer?


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4 thoughts on “Poems to Write Beside

  1. Jeannine Ugalde July 28, 2015 at 10:52 pm Reply

    Amazing list!!! Several I knew but I’m happy to meet so many new poems. What a gift!!


  2. […] at Three Teachers Talk rounded up some titles mentioned in a recent #poetrychat–all poems that inspire […]


  3. motherofallreaders July 7, 2015 at 10:25 am Reply

    Do you think any of these would be appropriate for use with 4-8 pre-service teachers? I’m teaching the middle grades ELA course at UTA this fall and poetry is one of our topics. I’ve used the Where I’m From poem with them and they love it. I want to add a couple more to my class for this fall. Any suggestions would be appreciated!


    • Amy July 7, 2015 at 11:46 am Reply

      For sure Nikki Giovanni and Billy Collins. Look up Just Because poems, too. They are more of a template but great for the age you need. I’ve got to read many of the others still.


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