It’s Monday. What are You Reading, Love?


When my children were young, I started a tradition during the week of Valentine’s Day, and we celebrated LOVE WEEK. The children got new books that centered on loving thoughts and themes. They got little treats that were meant to remind them to Be Sweet. They delighted at the pink milk and the pink mashed potatoes and the pink everything foods we ate.

Now, my children are all grown. The last of my seven turned 18 last October. I can hardly stand it. It really is true: they grow up so fast. I am learning to deal.

While I am dealing, I am focusing my mothering on being grand– the grandmother of one tiny little girl named Linden.

So, what am I reading during the week of love? Books on love that are perfect for this Little Miss.







2 thoughts on “It’s Monday. What are You Reading, Love?

  1. msyingling February 13, 2013 at 5:12 am Reply

    Wow. Love bugs. I think we had a copy of that years ago! I am left with only one teenager, and it doesn’t hurt my feelings at all when there are only two loads of laundry to do and I don’t have to buy 15 pounds of bananas a week. I enjoyed them while they were little, and I intend to enjoy it now that they are older, too!


  2. LadyInRead February 12, 2013 at 6:15 pm Reply

    Oh, love this tradition! I am going to use this idea.. not too late to start this year:)
    And I love the books you have here little girl will love them all


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