ok, @heathercato and @amyrass, now talk to me….

Ok, so how do you use Twitter in education? Everyone is all a-buzz about how it can be a valuable part of education. The networking I get – the rest? What do you do? How do you use it? What kinds of projects in PBL would align with the use of Twitter? And how does it enhance literacy/writing/etc?

Do tell. With all due haste.

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One thought on “ok, @heathercato and @amyrass, now talk to me….

  1. amyrasmussen May 22, 2011 at 7:56 pm Reply

    First of all, Molly: Welcome to Twitter! Second of all: Too many questions!

    Well, not really too many questions, just too many all at once. Twitter in education? I’m still trying to figure this all out, but here’s how I use it in my ELA classes, and I’m just getting started:

    Backchannelling. Do you have any shy students? You know, students who fear speaking up? I set up a Twitter account specifically for school. I had my students set up accounts, and they follow me (and each other.) During class I keep a Twitter feed running on my ipad or the projector. Students ask questions and make comments. I get students commenting who haven’t said a word all year.

    Engaging. I took my students on a field trip. We did the National Geographic walking tour of downtown Dallas. They wandered away from me in their small groups with instructions for the day. As they visited the sites on my list, they sent me tweets with photos and commentary about what they were learning. I tweeted to them questions that kept them engaged, like “What Shakespeare play is quoted on the front of the Majestic Theater?” or “What color’s the gown in the Neiman Marcus window?”

    Exploring. As students build their own PLN, they can network with others who share their likes and interests. Just as I’ve established a network of other educators, students can establish a network of other teens, authors, professionals whom they can question and use as resources.

    Okay, I’m still thinking of your other questions. I’m thinking blog post ideas…


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