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ok, @heathercato and @amyrass, now talk to me….

Ok, so how do you use Twitter in education? Everyone is all a-buzz about how it can be a valuable part of education. The networking I get – the rest? What do you do? How do you use it? What kinds of projects in PBL would align with the use of Twitter? And how does it enhance literacy/writing/etc?

Do tell. With all due haste.

TCTELA Reflections

We have had such a wonderful time talking while here at TCTELA 2011.  We look forward to spending much more time together and with other teachers talking about the ideas and projects that are important in our classrooms.  For those who attended our sessions, thank you for taking the time to talk with us!

The Paint Job

Here is the Prezi – The Paint Job
See – “The Chop Shop” Handouts for the handouts to this presentation.

Sometimes the only thing needed to brighten up a room is a new coat of paint.  Have you ever found yourself saying, “They just don’t get it” or “I just can’t teach this another year?” Project-based learning has been around for a century but often is overlooked or forgotten in the classroom.  Making a real-life application and utilizing a driving question to “drive” the outcomes in your class projects, combined with the development of 21st-century skills along the way, may be just what your teaching needs.  Students (and teachers) will fall in love with learning again.  Project-based learning is the new “DIY” of teaching, and once you’ve tried it, you will never go back to the same old paint job again.

The Chop Shop

Here is the Prezi (our slide presentation) for TCTELA 2011

The Chop Shop: Restoring Vintage Literature to Its Glory

Chop Shop Handouts

Chopshop Handouts

Chop Shop: Restoring Vintage Literature to Its Glory

Presenting this session at TCTELA in Galveston, TX today:

While it may look like an old hunk of rusty metal to some, with a little elbow grease, you can bring that beauty back to life. Our vintage literature is like a classic car that needs some remodeling and restoration in order to make it revenant and interesting for our students, and sometimes even for ourselves! So pull on your jumpsuit, smear a little grease in your joints, and come into our chop shop! Through deconstruction (adapting/altering real-world texts), renovation (technology integration), and reconstitution (project-based learning) of our curriculum and our teaching methods, those classics can come alive again and be restored to all their glory.

Digital Dinosaurs to Digital Natives

Here is the Prezi (our slide presentation) for TCTELA 2010

Digital Dinosaurs to Digital Natives 

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