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What is it About Being Mean?

In the past three days I’ve heard two different stories from teachers who are already in high-stress because of encounters with co-workers. What?!

School started just this past Monday. Four days and we’re already mean?

What is is about some people who think they can speak their minds at the expense of being polite, kind, civil even? Isn’t teaching hard enough without having to deal with negative ninnies and downright mean people?

My mother always told me:  “It is the people who are the hardest to love who need it the most.” I believe this is true. Hurt, anger, and fear often manifest as aggressive, catty, spiteful behavior. “A root’s always poking holes in the cellar door.” I get that.

Many teachers who embrace the workshop model do so alone. They are the only teachers on their campuses who’ve “swallowed the Kool aid” and become “too idealistic for [their] own good.”

“You’re not going to have any better success with those kids that anyone else.”

I’ve heard my fair share, and I am fairly certain I’ve heard only a drop of a giant bucket of behind-my-back critiques. So it goes.

“You’re nasty and you’re loud,
you’re mean enough for two,
If I could be a cloud,
I’d rain all day on you.”
Jack Prelutsky

Today I am wondering:  How do we deal with colleagues who are mean, or bossy, or just plain rude? How do we smile with sincerity and stand steadfast in the face of criticism and disdain?

Please join the conversation. What do you do?

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