Career Changers!!!

Looking back at the big forks in the roads of our lives is something we all do.  We lament decisions unmade or decry decisions we didn’t even get a chance to make.  The ones made for us can be the hardest to accept, but others can be the best that ever happened to us.

As a second year teacher, my principal decided I was up next in the push to train our teachers in the theories espoused by Flip Flippen in Capturing Kids’ Hearts. This overnight, professional learning opportunity in Round Top, TX changed the course of my career.  I’m sure I didn’t live this creed to it’s fullest potential in those first years, but the lessons make more and more sense as I grow older both in age and experience.

Flash forward fourteen years and zoom in as we finish up week two of the second cohort of the CCISD Reader’s/Writer’s Institute.  This work is as powerful as anything I’ve ever done, and will be as long lasting.

I get the chance to meet people around our district who travel the same path that I do. Whether it’s the department heads, instructional coaches,  or teachers from other schools, I’m learning something new every day.  The Teacher of the Year from Clear Brook high school is my co-teacher!!!! Where else would I get this opportunity???!!!

I get to work with Amy and feel her passion for giving kids the best possible chance to learn and grow. She brings energy and heart to our meetings every morning and has, again, taught me to look at this work from different angles and given me tools to take into my new classroom.

I get to glimpse the vision that our curriculum director, Billy Eastman, has for the teachers and students in our schools. His vision blends reading and writing with thinking in a way that will challenge our kids to look beyond themselves, but also into themselves, to explore the concept of humanity.

I get to read and write with teachers at the school I’m moving into in August. They are amazing people first, but amazing teachers as well.  I can’t wait to continue our work together next year at Creek.

What else can I do to help myself be ready to take a huge leap next year?  What new tricks can this old dog learn?

Charles Moore is excited to continue his education at almost 40 at The University of Houston.  He still believes that face-to-face meetings are better than email exchanges and he’s spent 1,500 of his 2,000 Book Love Dollars and is looking for suggestions.  Please email him at if you want to visit or check out his embarrassing instapoems at @mooreliteracy1 on Instagram.


2 thoughts on “Career Changers!!!

  1. Amy June 18, 2018 at 6:09 pm Reply

    I am so grateful to learn beside you. Your commitment to growth and change as an educator is exciting. Your new campus — and our learning community on this blog — are blessed to have you!


  2. mrsturnerblog June 18, 2018 at 8:06 am Reply

    Love it! I was forever changed by reading Gallagher’s Readicide, and I’m always looking for new ways to learn and grow. ❤️, another old dog 😂


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