#FridayReads of a Different Kind of Joy


Sometimes we just need a little joy.

I know it is almost spring break, and the attitude’s toward thinking and learning and producing quality work have been bleak lately. (Evidence = 12 out of 24 students turned in the last assignment, and only seven of the 12 finished all the parts of it.)

My head’s been banging on the desk a little too much lately. I know you’ve been here a time or two yourself.

Teaching is hard.

Then we get gifts like the one I got today:  a blog post written by a student who shows she not only understands the philosophies behind my pedagogy — she likes it. She believes she’s learning.

Please read Jessica’s post.

I’ve read it five times today, and I smile just thinking about lines like this: “I feel strongly that this free-range form of teaching can be beneficial to other students as well, in the way that it both implements a refreshing break of classroom custom, and prepares us for the life of decisions that waits beyond the embellished paper borders of our high school diplomas.”

Choice matters, my friends.

I would love to hear of your most recent successes with students. Please join the conversation by leaving a comment.



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