How to Teach Writing

I might have actually reblogged this post before today, but I was searching through the TTT dashboard and found a draft I’d written reflecting on it. I miss conversations with Tess Mueggenborg, one of the best teachers I know. She pegs my thinking here, exactly. I don’t even need to share my reflections, but I would love to hear yours. Please leave your thoughts in a comment.

Prof. Mueggenborg

Want to create successful writers?  Want to raise them from seedlings, make them strong and resilient and capable of writing oak trees of essays, not saplings of deadwood?  The key has nothing to do with writing.  If a teacher wants to help their students to become successful writers, they must make their students into successful readers.  If a student isn’t a reader, they’ll never be a writer – no way, no how.  The reading should be both academic and for pleasure: students need to bask in the glow of words for fun, and struggle with a snarling sentence when needed.  They should delight in diction and syntax, but never be quite satisfied with them as-is – every student should always ask, “why this way?” and “why not like this?”.  And no, they probably don’t need to know what “diction” and “syntax” mean: we don’t need to understand the nuclear reactions…

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One thought on “How to Teach Writing

  1. Ruth March 29, 2015 at 1:35 pm Reply

    Amy, you make me so proud to be a teacher. How I would have so welcomed a community such this one when I started 44+ years ago. The future of teacher IS in good hands.

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