What Pre-Service Teachers Really Need to Know About Teaching Writing

What ALL Teachers Really Need to Know About Teaching Writing:
Simple yet complex. Honest and important. How can we really teach anything if we do not practice the craft of it ourselves?

the dirigible plum


One of my colleagues invited me to teach his Theory & Practice of Teaching Writing course last week. This is a required methods course for pre-service teachers.

I wasn’t sure what the class had been doing or what would be most beneficial to them, so I started things off by asking them to write down their burning question about teaching writing. This is what they asked me:

  • What is the most effective way to create a creative environment for writing in your classroom?
  • How difficult is it really to get a class of high schoolers to actually try writing?
  • Should we correct their writing or will their confidence be shattered?
  • How do I teach all the components of writing effectively to all my students?
  • How do you find a balance between teaching proper writing and allowing students to find satisfaction in the process?
  • How do I actually teach my students to…

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