Reel Reading: ROOM. Oh, my sweet Jack!

20130207-190708Few books hit me in the gut and make me weep, but ROOM by Emma Donoghue did just that. Told from the point of view of just just turned 5-year old Jack, this story of abuse, survival, and enduring love packs a punch that leaves you gasping.

Soon after I read ROOM, I heard the real life story of Jaycee Dugard and hurried to the book store to buy the book that shares her story, A Stolen Life.  Oh, my! Terrifying, horrifying, and. . . hopeful.

A Stolen Life

I have students, mostly my reluctant readers, who devour the book A Child Called ‘It‘. These kids often enjoy (or at least have a love/hate relationship) with  these other titles, too.

What is it within us that makes us want to learn of others’ suffering so?


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