Why you Really Need to be on Twitter, Molly

So Heather and I are presenting at Edcamp Plano today. Molly’s not here because she never got the message–or so she says. But we did send her the message: links through email, posts on Facebook, (maybe even a message on her phone).

Heather and I heard about the “unconference” through our PLNs on Twitter. Our ever-learning selves jumped on the chance to connect with other passionate educators. And here we sit, eager to learn and share-one chair empty without our friend.

So, Molly, here’s the deal: you need to be actively on Twitter because our previous methods of communication just aren’t working. And here’s five more reasons why:

1) Twitter is easy. No account? Set one up for free in less than a minute. (uh, you have an iPhone, and the app is free)
2) Twitter means access even when your Internet is down, which seems to happen a lot in the backwoods of East Texas.
3) Twitter allows for connections, not just with us, but with others who share your same interests. Follow hash tags. Think: #Rangers and #Frogs.
4) Twitter makes professional learning fun and engaging. Join #edchat, #titletalk, #rwworkshop, #engchat, #pbl and build your own Personal Learning Network of like-minded educators. Lots of support and ideas here.
5) Twitter keeps you in the know–like what the score is at the stadium or when the next edcamp is. We’d really like you to be there, too.

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