Sharing What We Know and Do

I’d like to introduce you to my friends who have validated my thinking and taught me how to think more clearly. They are my zen when I need support or encouragement or recommendations for books. They are classmates from the past two courses I’ve taken from Penny Kittle at the University of New Hampshire Literacy Institute. We bonded again this year over Book Love.

How often do we feel like we are an island? Not just on an island but the island itself? We understand what it means to be a workshop teacher, to allow and encourage students to choose what they read and what they write about, to build classroom libraries that rival the ones down the hall, to spent our own money on books because “It might be the right one for (boy/girl name) this time.”

Often we are alone. Alone on our campus, in our grade-level teams, during our planning time. Alone because while we admire many of our colleagues, they just don’t get it.

#UNHLIT14 Book Love

Erika, Samantha, Shana, Amy, Jackie, Penny

Shana Karnes, Erika Bogdany, and Jackie Catcher get it, and Heather and I invite them to be regular contributors to our blog. They each have unique stories of how they run their workshop classrooms and how this pedagogy works with their students. While Shana and Erika contributed last year, like me, they know that the learning to ‘get it right’ never ends.

Workshop takes practice, and it take patience. Having friends to share with, and blogging about what we learn, is a way we’ve found to be the reflective, thoughtful, writers we hope to inspire our students to be. (See the About page for more on our bios.)

Thanks for reading.

Oh, and if you’ve been following along for a while and would like to be a guest blogger, send me a message. We’d like to read about how workshop works for you and your students.

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3 thoughts on “Sharing What We Know and Do

  1. Erika B. July 26, 2014 at 4:58 pm Reply

    I have learned so much about implementing the RWW by ways of dedication, determination, humor, and quite simply, passion for educating, by being a part of the ever-wonderful TTT. I am so thrilled to be doing it again for another round! I look forward to hearing about what else is going on ‘out there’ through the readers and responders. What a community! Here’s to the 2014-15 school year nationwide!


  2. amyrasmussen July 24, 2014 at 11:08 am Reply

    Thank you for your comment, Norah. We are fortunate you found us, too. We appreciate you reading our posts and sharing your thoughts.


  3. Norah July 24, 2014 at 2:45 am Reply

    It is wonderful to have such strong support of your colleagues. The synergy of working collaboratively can’t be understated. Working alone as ‘an island’ is very tough going and requires a lot of self-belief, focus and determination. You are fortunate to have found each other.


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