Reel Reading for Real Readers: Twelve Mighty Orphans by Jim Dent

ReelReading2I am not sure how the book Twelve Mighty Orphans walked into my house, but it fit right in. All four of my sons played Texas football, and for many years we lived at one football stadium or another. One year we attended three games a week with three sons on two different middle school teams, and our oldest son playing on varsity at the high school. It was either that year or the next that Tanner’s team won the state championship. It’s all a blur of blue and white.

Everything you have heard about Texas football is true. It’s big, and it consumes your life.

Maybe that’s why this book by Jim Dent had such a voice at my house. My husband read it. My sons read it. How could I not?

Not much compares to talking with your teenage athlete sons about a book.

This non-fiction book chronicles the efforts of one man to make a difference in the lives of orphan boys. He teaches them to play football, but he teaches them much more than that. This trailer introduces the storyline with beautiful images:


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